Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4th Graders help K.I.C. plant the 2nd row of Taro!

Hello Everyone!
A few weeks ago, Ms. Correia's 4th grade class came out to help K.I.C. plant our 2nd row of Taro! It was a lot of fun, and the 4th graders enjoyed the experience. They were very self-directed and needed little to no help at all when planting! All of the Taro plants are starting to grow quite fast. These Taro plants are actually a little bigger than the first row, therefore their leaves and stems will be a bit bigger as well.  Our second row of Taro is the Lehua type.  Mrs. Sasaki was able to educate us on the type of taro and the differences between the Mo'i and the Lehua. 

The 6th graders in Ms. Coffins class helped guide the 4th graders as they worked in the garden.  They used the tools efficiently to dig the dirt for a new home for the taro and weed the area around the garden. The students were also given a chance to name their taro so that they could come back and check on its progress.  One group named their taro Haloa, after a Hawaiian legend based on the name of the very first taro.  Amazing, right? 

After all that hard work, Mrs. Sasaki treated the hard working 4th and 6th graders to a cup of po'i.  Thank you Mrs. Sasaki for the lovely treat!  ALSO, Great job 4th graders....I hope you enjoyed working in the garden.  It is YOUR turn to watch over it once we leave.  However, we will come back to check on it so dont disappoint us. 

Look out for the pictures....

Writers Team & Ms Coffin

Saturday, May 5, 2012

GYSD: Partnering up with Running Club

 Hello Everyone!

The K.I.C. members and Running Club did a fantastic job working in the garden on our Global Youth Service Day (GYSD)! We also received a monetary donation from Disney Channel's Friends for Change program! What a great way to celebrate GYSD! The Running Club and K.I.C. got dirty shoveling dirt, working on the Taro section, and we even planted our first few Sweet Potato plants! There are two types of Sweet Potatoe that we planted: 'Uala Piko and 'Uala Iliahi. They are growing fairly well, and we water them everyday! 
As we mentioned, the Running club came along to help out with the garden as well. We interviewed a few of the students that came, and here are some of their thoughts on the garden:
Kaiya Sasaki:
"I came in and went straight to work." From shoveling, to planting, to pulling weeds, She wasn't afraid to get dirty. After doing a lot of hard work, she said, "Working in the garden was awesome and fun!" Helping out with the garden isn't her first experience with helping the Earth. Sometimes she volunteers at plantations. Maybe one day she can be a part of the K.I.C. crew!

Dayanara Arroyo:
Dayanara Arroyo, another 5th grader, help out K.I.C. out in the garden. She did many jobs like weeding and shoveling. "It was tiring, but fun!" she adds. Working on the garden really encouraged her to do more to help the Earth. She never leaves trash behind! Dayanara really cares about the Earth and plans to be a part of K.I.C. next year!

Michelle Winczner:
Michelle Winczner experienced many jobs such as digging and pulling weeds. "It was a lot of hard work. FUN!" Working in the garden with K.I.C. wasn't her first time gardening, however. Every year she helps the Earth by planting flowers and trees in the summer. Knowing that she can to more to help the Earth is what encourages her to join K.I.C.
Brandon Ramirez:
Just because Brandon is a 4th grader, that doesn't stop him from helping the Earth. Brandon was a part of the gardening group on April 21st. He mostly did some shoveling and weeding. Brandon contributes his time helping and cleaning up around his community. He may only be a student at Keone'ula elementary, but that doesn't mean he can't be a BIG help to save the Earth!

As you can see, you don't have to be in K.I.C. to make difference! Help save the Earth and make it a better place!

The Writers and Planners

Published By: Nikki B
Edited By: Catherine J.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

KIC in MidWeek

KIC Mid Week Article
KIC members Catherine Jara (Planners Team), Sara Tremmel (Artist Team), Shantelle Sagucio (Tech Team), Nikki Baduria (Writers/Planners Team) and Gabby Lonzame (Writers Team) were featured in the Midweek, Good Neighbor column on May 2, 2012.  The students talked about KIC and their focus project for this school year, our schools "Native Hawaiian" learning garden.    Read more about it in the article! 

Great job KIC....Keep "pushing for change"!

Ms Coffin