Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Taro planting

What an awesome day!  The kids enjoyed getting dirty and helping out.  We were finally able to put in our first row of taro in our taro patch.  Here is a slideshow of our First Taro Planting! 

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Justin from Leeward Community College and Mrs. Sasaki for leading the way and educating the sixth graders and KIC members about the different types of taro and the methods ancient Hawaiians used.  The kids were able to ask questions and gain understanding about living a sustainable life.  At the end of the planting project, Mrs. Sasaki provided students with a cup of poi from the same type of taro the students planted (moi).


Ms. Coffin  


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress on the International Peace Garden

Hello Everyone,

As you know, we are getting closer and closer to successfully completing the first phase of our Peace Garden. It is a difficult job, and we've all gotten very dirty, but we know our hard work will pay off. We have posted some pictures of the K.I.C. members, as well as other volunteers doing their part to help out with the Peace Garden. We greatly appreciate all of your contributions to our Peace Garden. Mrs. Sasaki, as well as the other teachers that came out made a big difference, and it would have been really hard to do this without their help. Thank you again and stay tuned for more pictures and updates on our garden!

Left! Right! Left!...Wow boys, great job!

Yes Kyra, more rocks please!

Ms. Alo, Ms. Kawasaki and Ms. Iguchi helping out in the garden! Thank you!
Having fun up there, Precious?

The Writers and Planners

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Edited By: Catherine J.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Garden Update from March 17

KIC students and Keone'ula families prep the soil for the taro patch. 
Mr. Jackson and Briley (first grader) straightening the edges.

Mr. Espinoza creating a straight edge/border for the garden

Everybody doing their part in the garden

Mrs. Sasaki prepping the soil for the taro
Ms Obra getting down and dirty in the garden...Wooohoo!

Ms. Obra and Mrs. Sasaki

Thank you to all of our volunteers who came out to work on our garden!  Thank you to Mrs. Sasaki for helping to guide the progress of our garden! 
Families that helped out:
Jones family (Yuta, Grade K)
Espinoza family (Mark, Grade 6)
Jackson family (Briley, Grade 1)