Monday, October 3, 2011

Introductions & Beginning stages of our Peace Garden

Hello, we are the writers and planners of K.I.C. We'll start off by introducing ourselves:

My name is Nikki and my favorite food is pasta. I also like to play soccer. My favorite color is pink.

My name is Brenna and I love to play soccer too. I play goalie for my team, Pink Strikers. I like to play with my puppy Keone.

My name is Catherine and I like to go to the beach during my free time. I lived in Hawaii for my whole life.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated about our International Peace Garden. The members of K.I.C. have been graphing out what they would like to see in the garden. The garden will be located to the right of F building, as the picture below shows. The International Peace Garden is going to include a Taro patch, as well as an area for Kupuna to teach students about Hawaiian culture. As we mentioned earlier, the K.I.C. members have been working on blueprints, so more ideas will be presented later on.

As K.I.C. members, we hope the International Peace Garden will be a success! Please keep in touch. We will make sure to post pictures of our progress.

By: Nikki B. & Catherine J. & Brenna J.
Edited: Alyssa N.